Membership services

What we do

The SHP is the only organization that represents players before the French hockey institutions. It allows you to participate, get involved and give your opinions on all matters related to our sport.

Your membership is essential to give us significant weight in negotiations and to strengthen our presence in decision-making.

The SHP has the opportunity to participate and give its opinions in different work groups:

  • The Synerglace Ligue Magnus commission
  • The D1, D2 and D3 commission
  • A work group dedicated to the approval of contracts and the qualification of a player of Synerglace Ligue Magnus
  • A commission including sports agents
  • A constant communication with referee representatives and their committee
  • A tight collaboration with FNASS (National Federation of Sports Associations and Syndicates)

The SHP acts as a relay for its players by allowing them to have regular feedbacks on various decisions taken on these matters.

legal advice

Our mission is to be as close as possible to professional hockey players in order to answer their regulation or contractual questions.

The Professional Hockey Players’ Syndicate wants to become a key player in the minds of players. The SHP must become a reflex when a player might have questions ahead of contractual signatures or any hockey related matters.

Our interventions are intended to answer your questions, and to support you in your legal procedures when necessary.

In order to better guarantee our expertise, the SHP relies on lawyers specialized in sports law, whom we can make available to you in the event of a dispute.

The hockey player is an employee like any other, he deserves to be informed, heard and defended …

After-career program

An athlete’s career is not eternal, and that of a hockey player is no exception to the rule. Sooner or later you will have to think about reorienting yourself and the SHP is committed to helping you on this path.


Our goal will be to inform you and help you through your hockey journey to try to set up the best possible transition:

  • Training research adapted to professional athletes;
  • Informations on your employee rights;
  • Connection with support specialists;

The hockey player must be at the heart of his transition project.
A successful professional transition is one that is chosen.

Hockey’s promotion

The Professional Hockey Players’ Syndicate wishes to promote the game of Hockey in France and to grow its popularity and media coverage through its communication and the organization of different events like the Synerglace Ligue Magnus’s All-Star Game. We firmly believe that organizing such events will put a spotlight on our sport and on hockey players in France.