Goals and missions.

With hockey’s constant evolution in France and all actions carried out by the FFHG for development and promotion of hockey over the last few years, it is important for the players to participate and give an opinion on all decisions related to our sport.

Hockey is becoming more professional every year in France, and contract laws regarding professional athletes are constantly evolving, therefore it is important to defend and improve the conditions of professional hockey players.

Therefore, the SHP’s goal is to implement and participate in any action to promote and / or develop the professional side of hockey in France, to defend the interests of hockey players, and to improve the conditions of the profession.

On the other hand, it is sometimes difficult for professional players to plan for the future and to anticipate their after-career. This is why we also want to support players in their after-career projects and help them in any way we can.

This syndicate is meant for all hockey players with a professional contract in France, from any division or nationality.

  Your representatives


Vincent Llorca


Olivier Richard

Secretary and in charge of our after-career program

Quentin Fauchon


Mathieu Pons

Member and in charge of our after-career program

Pierre-Charles Hordelalay


Quentin Scolari

Member and in charge of Division 1

History of SHP